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Connect Your Domain to a Landing Page

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Infusionsoft landing pages are hosted under the Infusionsoft domain. If you would like contacts to reach your landing pages through your existing domain, you will have to make changes to your DNS records. Please use the following instructions below:

Adding Your Domain to Your Landing Page

  1. In your landing page domain field. Add your domain to the input field and verify.

  2. Once the domain is verified, send the instructions to your webmaster. This will allow you to commit your domain to the landing page you have selected.

  3. Landing Page is now ready to be connected. You will need to update your domain information with your registrar using the steps below:


Configuring your domain with Registrar

  1. Create a 'sub domain' as a 'CNAME' record pointing to ''
  2. If you want your Infusionsoft Landing Page to be the main page on your domain, then you will need to configure a 301 permanent redirect from the apex or root domain to the sub domain above.
  3. This prevents users from having to explicitly type the latter and will prevent search engines from creating colliding canonical URLs.
  4. DNS settings for this setup would look something like this:
    1. '@ forwards 301 to www'
    2. 'www CNAME'


Please note that Infusionsoft has no control of your domain's settings and cannot provide assistance with DNS changes. Once DNS changes are made, it may take up to 72 hours for changes to propagate. For any troubleshooting assistance, please contact your web developer and/or domain registrar.