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How to Build a Looping Sequence

Create your campaign

  1. Go to Marketing > Campaign Builder
  2. Click on Create my own Campaign or click into an existing campaign.

Create two tag goals using two separate tags

  1. Drag out two Tag Applied goals
  2. Create two different tags
  3. One tag is the Start Looping Tag
  4. Second is a End Looping Tag
  5. Add two sequence between the two tag goals and one sequence after the End Tag Goal
  6. Connect them

    User-added image

In the First Sequence 

  1. Add an Apply/Remove Tag and select the Start Looping tag to be removed
  2. Next Add a Timer. For example I am using a delay timer that is set for the 1st Thursday of Every Month
  3. Add a link in an email to apply the End Looping tag which will allow the Contact to be removed from the looping sequence

In the Second Sequence

  1.  Add a delay timer before the start tag is re-applied. Since my example is sending the 1st Thursday of every month I am setting my delay for 28 days

    User-added image

  2. This is all you need to continually loop.

The last Tag Apply Goal is used as a way for contacts to end their loop.

  1. Use the End Looping Tag
  2. Connect the End Loop to a sequence that would remove the End Looping tag.
  3. This way if the contact is re-added to the campaign they can still be removed later on.

    User-added image