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PayPal Express Checkout Vs Payflow Pro

PayPal Express

  • The PayPal Express Checkout option is available for the Infusionsoft shopping cart and order forms. It is not available for both legacy order forms and manual order processing.
  • You'll need to set up a business PayPal Website Payments Standard business account. PayPal does not charge a monthly fee for this account; they charge a fee for each transaction.

When your customer checks out with PayPal Express Checkout, they will go through the following steps:

  1. They choose the PayPal option as their payment preference in the Infusionsoft shopping cart checkout page.
  2. The customer then clicks on Checkout to review their order.
  3. Next, they click on Place Order. At this point, the order is created in your Infusionsoft application, but the customer still needs to submit payment.
  4. They now go to the PayPal website where they can either sign in to their PayPal account to submit payment (credit card, balance transfer, PayPal balance) or to submit a credit card order without logging in to their account. After the customer submits a payment, they remain on the PayPal website (unless they click on the link to go back to your site or you've set up the Auto Return option in PayPal.)

PayPal Payflow Pro

When you integrate with the PayPal Payflow Pro merchant gateway, you are able to process payments through any method (order forms, shopping cart, or manual orders). It will also handle auto-charges for subscription or payment plans (PayPal charges an extra fee for recurring billing). When a customer submits payment through the Payflow Pro gateway, they don't go to PayPal's website to sign in. They never leave your order form or shopping cart. PayPal is only running on the back-end to process the payment.