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Accept PayPal Payments

  1. Upgrade to a PayPal Business Account. Sign in to PayPal to see what type of account you have as shown in the image below (If your account type is not displayed, go to Profile > My Settings.) To speak with a dedicated PayPal representative for additional details about PayPal Business accounts and discounts, Infusionsoft customers can call, 1-855-477-5675. A PayPal representative will be ready to field your questions and upgrade your account.

    New Zealand Customers! New Zealand customer should contact Sameer Talwar at +61 2 8288 0355
  2. Enable PayPal Express Checkout by logging in to your PayPal Business account at
  3. Click on the user icon at the top right of the page and select Profile and settings from the menu.
  4. Click the My Selling Tools option on the side menu.
  5. Click on the Update link next to API Access
  6. Click on the View API Signature link under Option 2.

    Note for those using a "PEM" file...
    • Click View API Certificate
    • Remove the certificate, then Remove again to confirm.
    • Now select the option to Request API credentials.
    • Select option 1 -Request API signature, and click Agree and Submit.
    • Login to your Infusionsoft account, and edit your PayPal account in E-commerce > Payment Options.
    • Un-check the option Continue using API Key File in PayPal Express setup.
    • Copy and paste the API Username, password and signature into Infusionsoft.

  7. Sign in to your Infusionsoft account in another tab/window (keep PayPal open.)
  8. Navigate to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  9. Click on Payment Types.
  10. Check the PayPal option
  11. Click the Connect with PayPal button

  12. In the pop up window, sign in to PayPal using your business account credentials and authorize the connection between Infusionsoft and PayPal.


What is a PayPal Business Account?

PayPal offers two categories of accounts: personal and business. There are three types of PayPal business accounts:

  • Standard (Free)
  • Advanced ($5/Mo. in the US)
  • Pro ($30/Mo. in the US)

Is a Business Account required in order to offer a PayPal payment option?

Yes. Personal PayPal accounts will no longer be supported after May, 2014.  A Business Account and Express Checkout are required in order to continue processing PayPal payments in Infusionsoft after May.

How do I know what type of PayPal account I have?

Sign in to PayPal to see your Account Type as shown in the image below. If your account type is not displayed, go to Profile > My Settings.

What about international customers?

Overseas customers should still contact 1-855-477-5675 so the telesales reps can direct you to the appropriate department. If you are in UK, AUS, or NZ and would like to sign up for a new account, you can do so by using these landing pages:

Please call +61 2 8288 0355

Not available in the UK