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Automated List Management

List Hygiene is a crucial email marketing best practice and now Infusionsoft will take care of it for you. You now have access to two new email statuses and automation that will set these statuses for you.

There is a new section that allows you to set a "contact engagement threshold" (in months) which identifies and sets these statuses automatically.

  1. Go to Marketing > Settings in the main menu

  2. Click on Automated List Management

    Unengaged Marketable Status - These contacts will still be eligible to receive your automated marketing emails, but are tracked as not having engaged for the number of specified months. The default time frame for this status is 4 months - which is the hard-coded policy currently in place. Based on this threshold, after 4 months with no engagements (opens, clicks, web form submissions), all contacts with confirmed or unconfirmed email status will automatically move to an Unengaged Marketable status. In this status, contacts are still eligible to be sent automated marketing emails, but keep in mind that no engagement after 4 months increases risks for excessive spam complaints or hard bounce s due to email accounts becoming inactive over time. Once these contact re-engage with your marketing efforts (open, click, or submit a web form) their email status will return to the previous state.

    Unengaged Non-Marketable - These contacts will no longer be eligible to receive your automated marketing emails unless they re-engage (open, click, web form submission.) If they re-engage, their email status will return to its previous state. Please toggle this On and set your timeframe. The default timeframe recommendation is 12 months, but you can adjust 1-24 months depending on your preference. It must be equal to or larger than the Unengaged Marketable threshold.

    You can also disable this functionality by toggling the switch to the OFF position.

  3. Click Save Email Addrs Status Limits to save your settings