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Rename, Restore And Unpublish Campaigns

Create a Campaign Dashboard Widget to Gain Insight into Your Campaign

  1. Open a campaign that you have already published

  2. On the top-right of the canvas, click on the Actions button and select the first option, Create Reporting Widget...

  3. Click Save to Dashboard

  4. Your new Widget will be available on your Dashboard

Pro-Tips! Infusionsoft will automatically pick the goals that will be added to the widget. Infusionsoft will prioritize goals that are near the end of the campaign first (end goals), then prioritize those at the beginning of the campaign second (start goals.) Goals that are neither at the beginning or the end of the campaign will not be available on the Campaign Dashboard Widget. In this example, you will see how Infusionsoft prioritizes the 5 goals that appear in the campaign

There is a limit of 5 goals per widget

Save Version

The system automatically creates a version of each published campaign. You can also save a version whenever you wish. A version contains a snapshot of the campaign traffic sources, goals, sequences, and decisions. It is a good idea to save a version when you plan to modify it significantly by adding/removing goals and sequences. A version does not store previous content (e.g., landing page or sequence email content) or the decision point settings. Object configurations and content always reflect the most recent edits.

Restore Version

The versions are date stamped and stored so you can rollback the campaign to a previous version. You might decide to do this if campaign performance drops after you make significant changes to it. It is a good idea to save the current version of the campaign before you restore a previous version.

Make a Copy

This option creates a completely new campaign by copying the existing one. The edits you make to the new campaign will not affect the original. The new campaign is "unpublished" by default. If you create a new campaign, you will need to change form code and landing page links to begin using the new goal objects. You might make a copy of a campaign to speed up the process of creating a new campaign for a different audience (e.g. partners). The email, web form, and landing page styles and content from the first campaign are applied to the copy.


This option allows you to update a campaign name.

Revert Changes

This option allows you to "undo" the work from your current session. The revert option restores the campaign to the way it looked when you first opened it during this work session. You might need to revert a campaign if you accidentally delete campaign objects or make some other kind of significant mistake.


This option sends the current version of the campaign to your printer.

Save as Image

This option allows you to save your campaign as a jpg image file

Merge Fields

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Deleting a Campaign

Be Careful! When you delete a campaign, it is permanently removed from your system and cannot be restored.

  1. Go to Marketing > Campaign Builder
  2. All of the campaigns are selected by default. Click on the top checkbox to deselect them, then mark the checkbox beside the campaign you want to delete.
  3. Click on the Actions button and select Un-publish and Delete.
  4. Confirm the number of campaigns selected and click on Process Action to confirm deletion.