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Manage Tasks

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Each Infusionsoft user can track their tasks and appointments through  Infusionsoft. You can allow users to view each others calendars and  tasks by editing their user permissions.  Infusionsoft may also automatically assign tasks or appointments as  part of your automated follow-up sequences. You can create tasks and  appointments from the calendar or through an individual contact record.  To sync your Outlook or Gmail calendar, take a look at the Infusionsoft marketplace for the Infusionsoft Sync for Outlook and Gmail products.

  1. Click on the Home icon in the user toolbar and select Tasks.

  2. Click the Add Task button to create a new task. You can also create a task while viewing a contact record or while viewing a list of contacts in interactive view.

  3. Start typing the first name of a contact and click the Search button to find the contact record.

  4. Fill-in the task details.
    • Action Description: This is the task title that shows up in your task list.
    • Action Date:  This is the date the task is due. You can update this date if you are  not able to complete the task on the due date or keep it pending as an  overdue task.
    • Completion Scenario: (optional)  Select the completion scenario from the drop-down that describes the  outcome of this task. The scenario you select will trigger automation in  Infusionsoft. This drop-down appears when a task may have multiple  outcomes requiring different types of follow up.
    • Completion Date:  Use the calendar icon to select a completion date when you finish the  task. Setting a completion date will remove the task from your task list  and archive it in the contact record history.
    • Creation Notes: These notes describe the task in detail. You can also use this space to record notes about the outcome of the task.
    • Priority: Select a priority from the drop-down to re-prioritize a task.

  5. Click the Save button to save your changes.