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Mass Update A List Of Contacts

Infusionsoft allows you to mass update a field for a list of contacts. This works well when you need to add a common field to each contact on the list (e.g. each contact needs to have the same country or lead source id.)

  1. Go to CRM > Contacts and search for the contacts you want to update
  2. Select the desired contacts to be updated, by selecting all, or individually selecting eligible contacts

  3. Once you have your list, click on the Actions button and select Mass update Contacts form the drop-down
    Note: You will only see this option if your permissions allow.

  4. Mark the checkbox next to the field(s) you want to update and enter the updated information into the Value box

  5. Click on the Process Action button to complete the update

Pro Tip! This same process can be used to update opportunities (CRM > Opportunities) or Referral Partners (CRM > Referral Partners)