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Payment Options In Infusionsoft

You can use PayPal and/or a merchant account to process payments. When an order is placed through the shopping cart, an order form, or via a manually created order, Infusionsoft collects the information (e.g., customer, product(s) fees, sales tax, and shipping fees). It then calculates an order total and passes that number and the billing information (name, address, and encrypted credit card number) securely to a payment processor. The payment processor takes that information and completes the actual financial transaction, charging the customer's credit card.


The payment processor also handles the currency part of the transaction. Infusionsoft passes a number to the processor, and the charge is processed based on the currency you have set up in their system.

Payment Processor Type
Compatible Order Method(s)
Item Type(s)
  • PayPal
  • Inexpensive to set up
  • Easier to qualify
  • Customers can pay with balance transfers
  • Pay per use, no monthly fee
  • Shopping cart and order forms
  • Products and Subscriptions
  • Merchant Account / Gateway

Note:  Paypal Payflow Pro is a gateway. It is different from a standard business PayPal account.

  • More robust
  • Customer makes the payment on your website
  • Credit card statement displays your business name
  • Shopping cart, order form, and manual orders
  • Product and subscription
  • payment plans